5 for $25

5 for $25



  • Product Code: Hot pepper seeds 5/25
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We are selling any 5 packs of our seeds for $25. This is our way of passing the savings on to you. Please leave a note upon checkout to let us know which seeds you have chosen or email slimspepperco@gmail.com

Isolation grown varieties include:

Carolina Reaper, Moruga Scorpion (red), 7 Pot Brain Strain (red or yellow), Bhut Jolokia (red), Butch T Scorpion (red), Caribbean Red Habanero, Borg 9 Red, Borg 9 Chocolate, M.A. Wartryx, 7 pod Bubblegum (red or chocolate), 7 Pot Douglah (red or chocolate)

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