Slim's Blazin' Reaper

Slim's Blazin' Reaper is an extra hot sauce, made with applewood smoked peppers. We always use a sim..

Slim's Blazin' Chocolate

We are pleased to offer this delicious dark chocolate made in collaboration with Habitual Choco..

Slim's Screamin' Ghost

This one is great for the ghost pepper lover, it features all the flavour you'd expect in a ghost pe..

Slim's Smokin' Habanero

Slim's Smokin' Habanero has less heat than their Blazin' Reaper but still features a full pepper tas..

3 For $25 Mix N' Match

We are offering 3 sauce or chocolate bars for $25, the products included in this offer are Slim's Bl..

Slim's Cranberry Scorpion Limited Edition

Slim's Cranberry Scorpion is a great sauce to use on chicken, turkey, pastries, and ice cream, even ..


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